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Blue And White Stripes - An Online Anime
Starry Nights


Blue and Pink
Starry Nights
Eternal Radiance
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Episode 1
Comforting Touch

Accross the starry night, a glint streaks accross the sky. Its blue and white, and has incedible speed. Its Striders starship.

Strider: Computer, prepare to dock in Reshi-4's second docking bay.
Computer: Yes Strider.

The Ship slowly docks with the massive planet's docking bay.

Docking Officer: Starship registry 19463....clear. Strider welcome to Reshi-4!
Strider: You know, it would be a lot more interesting if the docking officers were human. Robots are monotnous.

Strider walks out of the docking station and down into the street to stop at a local bar for a drink. The bartender there is Regalia, a good friend of his.

Regalia: Good evening, Strider. Grab a seat.
Strider: Greetings Regalia. Hows business been lately? Ive been gone for about two weeks on a bounty mission.
Regalia: Well ever since those Klack gang idiots starting stiffing my customers for cash, business has been slow.
Strider: If one comes, give me a call. Ill take 'em out.
Regalia: Thats just like you Strider, always looking for a fight. Youve been like that ever since you were a kid.
Strider: Its what im here for.
Regalia: Heh heh. So, you want the usual drink?
Strider: Yeah, make it extra hard. Im a bit pissed off.
Regalia: How so.
Strider: My bounty got away.
Regalia: Damn! Whan was the last time that happened?
Strider: Two years ago. I exactly remember it.
Regalia: Well, we cant be perfect! Heres your drink.
Strider: Thanks.

Strider walks out of the bar, down the street. Meanwhile a civilan ship is docking nearby.

Civilan Ship Registry 39153...clear. Linaly, welcome to Reshi-4!
Linaly: They use robots here? Wow. Well, no time to waste, I gotta find a job soon!

Linaly is a catgirl like Strider, with the same kind of fur patters, hair and all, only her stripes are white and pink. walks out of the docking station and notices how much of a slum Reshi-4 is.

Linaly: Ewwww, what a gross place, and it smells like garbage.

Linaly starts down the same street Strider is walking down now. One her way to her first job interview. Three thugs jump out, throw her into a alley, and set her up for a mugging.

Thug: Give me your money!!
Linaly: I..I Dont have any!!
Thug: Quit lying and give me your money!!

Strider hears her screaming, and stangely, is drawn to it. Strider starts to rush towards the scene. He sees Linaly on the ground, with the thugs hovering over her.

Thug: Hmmph. Get out of here pussycat, I dont have time for games.
Strider: What did you call me?!  You better take that back!
Head Thug: Thats it! Ive had enough of the loudmouth! Get him boys!

Two of the thugs run toward Strider. Strider crouches, then blazingly fast runs toward the two thughs. He takes his knee and thrusts it into the first thug's stomach, and the second one, he swiftly thrusts his palm into his face, busting the thug's nose.

Head Thug: Damn! All right, if its a fight you want, its a fight you get!!

The last thug takes out a steel rod, and charges at Strider. Strider blocks the thug's swing, takes the rod, and almost fatally hits him in the face with it, knocking the thug out. Linaly is amazed. Strider runs to Linaly's aid.

Strider: My god. Are you ok?

Linaly and Strider gaze into each others eyes. Linaly begins to make a light smile, while Strider snaps out of his transe.

Linaly: Im...fine. Thanks for saving me!
Strider:............Youre welcome. Uh, can you move?

Linaly tries to move, but cant. She twisted her ankle and there was a cut on her ankle that was bleeding.

Strider: That is a serious wound. Im gonna take you to my place and patch it up.

Linaly begins to blush and so does Strider. He cant believe what it coming out of his mouth.

Strider: Here, climb on my back.

Linaly climbs onto Strider's back, and Strider lifts of the ground forcefully, and he soars through the sky.

Lianly: WOW! YOU CAN FLY?!?!?! HOW?!?!
Strider: I dont know, I just can. I never knew how I picked up the ability.
Linaly: WOW!!!!!

Linaly is in utter amazement.

Strider: Mabye you can learn. You look almost like me, except for the fact that you are a girl, and have pink stripes instead of blue!
Linaly: I think our stripes look great together....
Strider: What was that?
Linaly: Oh, nothing.

Linaly is blushing some more and has a heavy smile on her face. She really likes Strider so suddenly, she just hopes he likes her back. She starts to rub her left cheek on Strider's back and starts to purr loudly. Strider is beginning to blush insanely, he had never felt this way before.

Strider: Uh, heh heh.... here we are....
Linaly: Ok, carry me in.

Strider carries Linaly inside his apartment.

Strider:Here, sit on this bed. Ill be right back with some bandages. Sit tight.
Linaly: Ok. Ill wait right here.

Strider gets some patches for the cut, a bandage for the twised ankle, and some water to clean the wound.

Strider: Here, ill patch up the best I can.

Strider takes of Linaly's shoe, and Linaly is overcome by joy.   She is enjoying his gentle touch.

Linaly:I diddnt catch your name.
Strider:That's because I diddnt throw it. My name is Strider. Whats yours?
Linaly: Im Linaly. You have a cool name!
Strider:Thanks, I named myself.
Linaly: Why did you do that? Diddnt your parents name you.
Strider: I dont have any parents. I was abandoned when I was young and since then, I raised myself.
Linaly: WOW! Well, what do you do for a living.
Strider: Nothing permanant, anything to make money.
Linaly: Some job!
Strider: At least it pays well.

Linaly and Strider talk some more, while Strider patches up Linaly's wound.

Strider: So, where are you from?
Linaly: Im from Fetrir-7.
Strider: Oh, that planet. Ive been there before, its different than here. Here, we dont get much sunlight. Anyway, what a pretty girl like you doing in a slum like this?
Linaly: (HE CALLED ME PRETTY!!!!!!!!) Oh, im looking for a job.
Strider: A job? HA! Believe me you dont wanna work here.
Linaly: I noticed. Well it is getting late. Looks like im not getting a job here. I already hate the place.

Strider snickers.

Strider: Well,that should do it for the bandage. Keep that on for a week of so. Let me take you back to the docking station.

Linaly gets back on Striders back, and Strider flys through the window, to the docking station.

Strider: Is this your ship?
Linaly: Yeah. My parents gave it to me when I moved out.
Strider: Its nice.
Linaly: Well, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have dont for me today. Im foever greatful!
Strider: Dont mention it!
Linaly: Well, my ticket is about to expire. Id better go, Mabye we can meet again!
Strider: I hope so too.(What did I just say?)
Linaly: Well, see you!!
Strider: See ya.

Linaly boards her ship, and she flies off into the night sky. Strider walks home, silently speaking to himself.

Strider: That was somthing else......................that girls ora gives me a weird feeling.  It feels.........nice.

End Of Episode 1

Music: Outlaw Star - Through The Night

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