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Blue And White Stripes - An Online Anime
Episode 3 - On The Job


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Strider wakes up the next morning, and is a little miffed.  Not only at the fact that hes going to meet up with a girl he barely knows(which he considers a waste of time), he hasnt gotten any jobs, and he is leaning a bit on the "broke" side. Thats gonna change, though.  He gets up, and levitates down to the kitchen where he prepares himself sme breakfast.
Strider: *yawn* im craving some donuts. 
He takes a whole box, goes into the living room(big apartment, eh?), plops down on his couch, breaks out an old issue of Gunsmith Monthly, and chomps on the donuts. 
Strider: Hmmm. That PW: 36 Alpha Gatling gun looks sweet.  Mabye ill nab it sometime tonight when the security around the warehouses is low.
A phone call comes in.
Phone: RING!  RING!!
Strider picks it up reluctantly.
Strider: What is it?
Man On Other End: Thats no way to speak to a bounty official.
Strider: Like I care.
The man is Lt. John Lusifr, a officer of the Central Universal Bounty Orginization(CUBO).  He has an offer.
Lt. Lusifr: Well, enough with the smart ass antics and down to business.  Since you are pretty experienced at getting your bounty, and this is a class AA criminal, we have a job for you.
Strider: Bout time. I was getting bored.
Lt. Lusifr: OK, heres the beef. Turn on your video phone so I can breif you.
Strider turns it on, A transparent screen formulates in the air.
Lusifr: Ok, its name is Alpha-42.  Itg looks like a male human, but its an android. A rather intelligent one at that.  Remember 20 years ago when the androind industry went out of business?
Strider: Yeah, it was because those new models that were supposed to be super-intelligent went beserk.
Lusifr: Yeah, well, this is one of em.  Hes been holding up and destroying civilian ships for cash. We want him dead and dead quickly. It was last seen in the southern factory district. Up to it?
Strider: Whats the price?
Lusifr: We'll pay you 30,000 in cash credits.
Strider: Now way in hell, that too little. Ill do it for 100,00.
Lusifr: Jeez, have you gone nuts?! We cant pay you that!!
Strider: I wonder what other ship will be Alpha's next victim........
Lusifr: You damn cat!!!  Well, pay you.........uhhh.....70,000!!!
Strider: 85,000.  take it or leave it.
Lusifr: Fine, FINE!  Just get rid of him.
Strider: Oh, with pleasure.
Strider races upstairs and with excitement and haste, puts on his usual gear.  White T-Shirt, Extremely smooth black leather overcoat, demin jeans, metal - clad boots, palm gloves, and a bandana.  He takes a Cougar Magnum and A Benelli 330M Shotgun and stuffs it under his coat.  He leaves his dagger behind.
Strider: Ill just use guns.  Im not in the mood for meelee combat.
Strider throws his coat over his chest, and flies out the window toward the old factory district.  He is thinking to himself.
Strider(complentating): Finally, some bounty! Havent had much action in days! Oh, theres the district.  Showtime.
Strider lands in a vacant lot, and there is brown smog all over the place.  The stench is absolutely horrid.  He dosent seem to mind, because his mind is on his target.
Strider: Ok then. If I cant find him the heasy way, ill do it the hard.  By ear, eye and nose.  Better lay low though.
Strider begins to survey the area, eyes leering, ears moving, and nose twitching.  He notices an aroma.......
Strider: *sniff* *sniff* *
In a split second , a beam of energy blasts out from a stroage dome, Strider sees it coming from the side of his eye, and jumps out of the estremely nimbly, dodging it by mere seconds.  He lands and looks to the side.  he sees the flash of the chrome speeding away.  He knows he has a challenge on his back.
Strider: All right.  Its a fight you want, it a fight you get.
Strider puts his hand out about an inch away from the side of his waist, he is standing still, and his heyes are skimming the area.  Flash after flash appears all over the area.  Striders is playing by ear. Suddenly his ears twitch violently, and he takes his pistol out of his holster ultra fast.
Strider: Yaah!!! BANG!!!
Strider fires toward the sky.  Something is slowly drooping toward the ground.  Its the android.  His slams itto the ground.  Strider's bullet piesced its anti-grav system with pinpoint accuracy.  The android slowly gets up, and stares down Strider.  It extends its right arm, and it transforms into am energy saber.
Strider: Wanna fight, eh.
Getting cocky, Strider throws down his pistol and his shotgun.  He arrogantly waves his palms toward himself.
Strider: Come get some.
The andriod charges at Strider and takes a swing, he misses repeatdly, over and over.  It is swinging at the speed of light.  Finally, Strider takes grip of the androids arm.
Strider:  Rrrrggghhh!!  Come on, thats it!! YaaaaaAAAAGGGGHHH!!!
Strider with amazing force, rips the androids arm clean off.  The android is looking it its sparking shoulder, freezes, and stares at Strider.  Strider is in a hunched position, breathing heravily with an evil grin on his face.  The android takes one tiny step back.
Strider:......nowhere to run.
Strider carges at the android and lops its head clean off with the disemberd arm.  Its sparks violently, and falls to the ground.  All of its lights fade away.  Stride rwalks up to the now defunct android, and spits on it.
Strider: Hmmph. Worthless piece of crap!!!
Cut to the bounty office, where Lt. Lusifr is at his desk.
Desk VidPhone: Beep! Beep!
Lusifr: This is Lusifr.  Report.
Attendant.  Sir, a "Strider" is here to see you.....
Lusifr: Great! Send him in.
Attendant: Well, are you sure?
Lusifr: Of course im sure: Send him in!
Attendant: As you wish....
Strider walks in, with an evil satisfied look on his face.  His grin is scary.  Lusifr smirks.
Lusifr: Had fun?
Strider: My money, please.
Lusifr:  You know the rules.  Show me proof ou got your bounty.
Strider takes the head of the android out of his coat, with its neck tubing and witing still attached,  he slams it onto Lusifr's desk.
Strider: Is this good enough?
Lusifr: Ya....ya...........YAAAHHHH!!!  Here!! Take your money and just GO!!!
Strider: A pleasure.
Strider zooms out of the office, and Lusifr is in shock, staring at the door.
Lusifr: Whats with him?!?!
End of Episode 3

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