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Blue And White Stripes - An Online Anime
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Blue and Pink
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About Me
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Me in my grey form. Pic done by April!

Here, you can read all about the person behind all of this stuff.

You see a figure approaching you. As it comes into a brighter focus, you start from its legs. The legs are long, with a moderate amount of muscular tone, showing that he has the legs of a teenager. His long, slender feline legs are laced with a layer of soft, glossy fur. But the most unusual thing about this fur, is that it doesnt bear resemblance to any fur youve seen on any animal. His fur is snow white, but laced with sharp, jagged stripes of aqua blue. Those blue stripes add sort of a aura of tranquillity to him.

He has his right arm in his pocket, his other hand swaying back and forth as he walks carefree, almost as if he doesnt have a worry in the world. He makes an occasional skip, jumping lightly to the tune hes humming. You see his untied shoelaces dance and slap his broken in sneakers, his claws poking out the front of them. Another indication that he is very carefree, maybe even too much for his own good. You see his bushy smooth solid white tail wag around behind his legs in euphoria, but at the tip of it, you see the pebbles and dirt hes dragged with onto it because sometimes he just lets it hang loose.

As he comes into more focus, you see even more distinctive features. Moving up to his waist, you notice his shorts. They are loose, the pant legs are far from hugging at his upper shins, due to the fact that they are so wide. The bottom of the pant legs are tattered and shredded, with strands of thread flickering around in the light breeze, making him look like a bit of a rebel to you. He obviously did that to a pair of pants on purpose.

He comes even closer. Your eyes move up to his stomach, and you notice his slender lower sternum, showing that he likes to keep himself slim and lean. The stripes you saw on his legs weave lightly onto arms, then disappear into the sleeve of his t-shirt. The t-shirt blends with his fur rather well. Its white, wrinkled, and in the center, is a small blue bolt of lightning. It sort of shows the spark inside of him. Its his favorite shape.

As hes a few yards away, you move up his chest and see two thin stripes on the side of his neck, then see the long whiskers that spring out of his cheek. Its obvious he has never found any need to cut them, since he seems to like them long and outgrown. Two more stripes line his left and right cheek, showing their point to the center of his face. His mouth shows some spunk, with a light, mellow grin, his fangs overlapping his front teeth. Hes no longer humming, but singing lightly to himself. His nose is small, common of a domesticated anthro feline. It has a light pink tone to it.

Just a few feet from you, you see his eyes. They are like clear oceans, shining in the sunlight. The glint bounces off his aqua colored pupils, with shines lining them. They are ovaled and wide, letting out a bit more euphoria to you. As you see his hair, you notice that he hasnt cut it since they day he was born, and keeps it well groomed for such a large mass of hair. As a spike of it droops over his eye, and he blows it out of the way, you see the large wave of razorback hair droops over his back, ending with jags behind his knees, and you see this large wave of white hair sway a bit more in the breeze.

As he passes you by, he lets out a peppy Hey there! He makes a light wave of his palm, and continues singing to himself. Im falling even more in love with you, letting go of all Ive held on to

As he walks by, the aroma of groomed fur tickles your senses, and suddenly, hes out of sight, continuing down the road.