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Here you will find links to some of my favorite sites. Mostly art, video games, comics, and extereme funny stuff. Enjoy!!

Click here for the best art ever. Im not kidding.

This is one of the best sites ive ever visited. The artist who owns the site and posts his work there, Chalosan, trust me, draws truly magical art. You seriously need to check this out, you'll love it. Its Chalosan's world, and im glad he lets us visit it.

Mouse and Keyboard dominance begins here.

A great PC gaming magazine I suscribe to. This site is basically archived info from the magazines, reviews, news and all. Great magazine!! I suggest you check out the site if you enjoy PC gaming!!

Sick, twisted humor you bust a nut laughing at. You've been warned.

Trust me, if you are like my other half, you'll love this site. The comedian here, Seanbaby, kicks ass in every aspect. Although you'll more that likely object to what he says sometimes, its exremely funny. Gather some friends, bust out a six pack, and let the good times roll.

You wish work was this kick-ass.

Player Vs Player is a great online comic strip done by Scott Kurtz. Truse me you'll love it, the humor is bottomless. Its about a PC Gaming magazine and its employees personal lives, yet made extremely humorus. Check it out!

Striders Quest

This iswhat Strider is all about originally.  This was before I branched into the Love/Comedy idea.  Im thinking of making his story into the third saga, but it'll take work.  Strider is really a good friend of mine, even though he is imaginary by definition, to me, he is not a figment of my imagination. I consider him real.  To find about his true nature, and what hes doing now, check this site out.

Old tunes, new groove. Oh yeah.

Remember all of those old tunes you would hear in your video games and they were embedded into your head? You know how today you dust off your old systems and pop in a game to hear its great music(ive been doing this with Chrono Trigger for years now), well, those tunes have evolved at the hands of these very creative music artists.  Theyve taken old tunes, and brought them up with new sounds.  Truly great remixed music of already great music.  Dont miss out.

So cute you will ask for a plush version.

I jumped to this site while I was checking out Chalosan's weblinks, well, because I like catgirls. Well, the artist draws a great one and its extremely, and I seriously mean EXTREMELY cute.  I liked his art, youll like it too.  Check it out!

Japan   Cool Characters   Friends = Funny as hell.

This is one of the best online comic strips out there.  Its combines anime, great humor, and modern issues into one hella funny adventure. You must see this.  I laughed at one strip for a week. Its that good.

Ooooo. Funky.

This is the best DDR site on the net.  Has tons of info on every DDR game, songlists, dance charts, guides, everything.  Check it out!

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