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Blue and Pink
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Love is war.  And war stinks.
Meet Strider, a mild mannered catboy from Kyoto, Japan.  The victim of a curse.  Women are his sickness. All of his life, hes been tourted, and has suffered at the hands of the opposite sex.. blishng, fainting, sweating, blacking out.  Hes beem through it all.  Who would know, one girl would change it all...........
Episode 1-

The day dawns, and the sun shines onto Strider's tired face. He open's his eyes and greets the day.

Strider:Good morning, Sun. Thanks for the wake up.

Strider hops out of bed, puts on a shirt, clenches the doorknob on his door, and shivers.

Strider: What are they gonna do to me today? I just hope it wont kill me.

Strider opens the door to be greeted by his catgirl roomates Eryai, Leiona, Riko, and Fio. They are all wearing VERY revealing night gowns as a gesture to get Strider's attention.

All Girls: HI STRIDER!!! Did you sleep well?
Strider: Ha ha guys. Thats very funny, but it wont work.
Riko: Fio, I told you this wouldnt work!
Fio: Well, at least the night gowns are comfy!
Strdier: Excuse me, but I have to use my bathroom.
Eryai: Thats ok, im sure what we left in there will get his attention...
Strider: What was that, Eryai?
Eryai: I diddnt say anything, go to the bathroom.
Strider: Whatever.

Strider opens the door to his bathroom, and to his surprise, he sees photos of the girls taped all over his bathroom. In the photos, they are all posing naked.

Strider: I Though I told you guys, naked photos arent gonna do it!!!
Eryai: Jeez, whats gonna work on this guy?
Fio: Beats me.

While Strider is in the bathroom, his best friend, Rion, calls him.

Strider: Hello?
Rion: Strider, buddy! Whats up?
Strider: The usual. Im being driven insane by my roomates.
Rion: Man you are cursed. 4 beautiful girls and you hate them. Boy you are weird.
Strider: We are two different people. Live with it.
Rion: You know you are a real smart-ass.
Strider: Whatever.
Rion: So, what was the girls latest scheme.
Strider: Today they dressed up in see-through night gowns, and im still takind down the mass amount of naked photos that they posted of themselves all over my bathroom.
Rion: WOW! I wish I lived there!!
Strider: Hmmph.
Rion: Well, i gotta go, gotta use the internet. See ya later.
Strider: See ya.

Strider gets ready to go to his job. He works at a card shop called Celrix Portal, in downtown Tokyo.
He meets his boss/partner, Koetsu, while he is loading out boxes from a truck.

Strider: Morning Koetsu.
Koetsu: Morning Strider, cherry as always, eh? Ha ha!
Strider: I just had a bad morning, thats all.
Koetsu: Those girls again, huh? All you need is some testosterone! Just go into the city late at night and find yourself some good times! I hear they opened up one of those catboy-only girlie joints downtown.
Strider: Im not interested, but thanks.
Koetsu: Strider, im just trying to help.
Strider: Ok, fine. Help me.
Koetsu: Here is box. In the box, there about 60 back issues of PurrMania. Its a dirty magazine for catboys, like you.
Strider: I dont know.......
Koetsu: Oh come on, just read em!!
Strider: Fine. Ill read em, but I wont enjoy it.
Koetsu: Great!!

Strider works all day, then returns home later to see all four girls wearing skimpy bikini swimsuits, swimming in the fountain in front of the house.

Strider: I bet.
Girls: Come play with us!
Strider: No thanks. I might explode, and we dont want that. By the way, I belive it YOUR turn to cook dinner tonight, girls.

Everyone walks inside.

Girls: Ok, Well cook your favorite, Arium Fish, and well win your heart!! Hey, whats in the box?
Strider: A bunch of dirty catgirl magazines my boss gave me. He said I need "testosterone".
Neko: Strider, silly! You dont need those, youve got us!!

All the girls take off their tops, and their chests are exposed. Strider stares, and faints within a matter of seconds.

Aki: Damn. I wish that wouldnt happen everytime he ses us naked.

Strider comes to later, at the smell of his favorite food.
Everyone gathers at the table.

Strider: How long was i uncouncious?
Riko: About an hour.
Strider: Anything happen?
Fio: If you must know, we all groped with your face.
Strider: YOU DID WHAT?!?! YUCK!!
Eryai: Oh my God, what did he just say?
Fio: You heard him. Now I dont have the heart to tell him what we did to his face after that. Darn.

Strider takes a much needed rest, outside, nest to the fountain. He lays on his back, and closes
his eyes, falling asleep. Moving vans, roar across the street, toward the house next door. They stop in the driveway, and a catgirl, with pink and white stripes jumps out of a car.

Catgirl: Ok guys. Put the couch, sofa, and TV in the main living room. Put all the bixes in the main foyer, and I believe you all know where the appliances go.
Movers: Yeah lady, we know.

The catgirl catches a glimpse of Strider while he is resting. She silently walks over, and gets into Striders face.

Catgirl: HI!!!!!!!!!!
Strider: YEAGGGGRRHHH!!! SPLASH!!!!!!!!!!

Strider falls into the fountain. He is furious.

Strider: HEY!! Whats the deal with you!! Cant a guy ges some

Strider gets a look at the catgirl, and is overcome by warmth and calmness. He has never felt this before.

Catgirl: My name is Linaly! Whats yours?
Strider: Um, uh...its, its uh......Ssss.ssss..sttr. Strid..uh, heh heh...Striddd..ddd.dddd......

Linaly begins to laugh loudly.

Linaly: Ha ha ha ha ha!!! Come on! Tell me your name!!
Strider:..............Strider. My name is Strider.
Linaly: Well, nice to meet you, Strider!! That a cool name!!

Strider begins to blush so much, the white stripes on his face turn into red stripes.

Linaly: Looks like were new neighors.
Strider: Yeah..I..guess..we..are. Heh heh.
Movers: He lady, where do we put all this stuff?
Linaly: I gota go. See you later!!

Strider looks at Linaly run off in the distance. He cant belive what just happened. He walks inside, and hes pretty tired. The girls greet him as usual.

Girls: Welcome bac sleepyhead! Have a nice catnap?
Strider: I...did.

The girls all have puzzled looks on their faces.

Fio: Whats up with him. He looks like a zombie!
Eryai: Ah, he just had a nap. He always looks like that after a nap, but this time, it was a little more "moody". Hmmm.
Leiona: He'el snap out of it later.

Strider comes out of his room, goes to the bathroom, and gets ready to go to bed.

Strider: Good night girls. Sleep well.
Riko: Hey Strider, you wanna share a bed tonight, ill make it worthwhile......
Strider: No thanks. You already know I cower at the very thought of
Riko: Aw, come on, I promise you'll love it!
Strider: Good night, Riko.

Strider lays in bed, talking to himself.

Strider: Boy, im such a weird person. I cant read dirty magazines or look at naked girls without fainting. I met a beautiful girl, and I diddnt explode or anything Plus, I just turned down sex. Mabye I should read those magazines.....

End of Episode 1

Music: Tenchi Muyo! - Dimension Of Love

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