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Blue And White Stripes - An Online Anime
Episode 5 - "Friendly"


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A week after Linaly's lttle illness, shes up and running again and is up and about, still unpacking boxes.  Strider has been living his life like a regular guy, and now it Saturday morning.  Cut to Linaly. Shes cooking breakfast, huming a tune to herself.
Linaly: Mmmm......mmmm.....mmmmm.....mmm.........mmmm.....(snifffffff) Ah! It feels so great to breathe again!  (chuckle) I think it was his fish!  
She finishes cooking, brings her meal into the living room, kneels down in front of the table, and begins to eat while reading a magazine.  Then Striders little offer that he made a week ago pops into her head.
Linaly: Well, he diddnt cancel it.........I have a way to make it better.
Cut to Striders house, just next door.  He is sleeping, with his body strewn about all over gis bed, arms strecthing out, blanket all messed up and wirnkly, and snoring heavily. Fio tiptoes in.
Fio: Pit pat pit pat pit pat.........
Strider: zzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZ
Fio: OOOO, look at him sleep.........(inching towards Striders mouth)kissy time.....Mmmmmmmmmmmmm
Centimeters before Fio locks lips, Strider wakes up and freaks out.
Strider:aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaHHHH!!! What are you doing?!?!?!?
Fio: Why, kissing you of course!
Strider: know, forget it.  Ill just faint from yelling.  (sigh) Whats for breakfast?
Fio: Come and see, sleepyhead(giggles)!
Fio prances out of the room.
Strider: What nosy little annoyance.  (grumble) Better freshen up
Strider hops out of bed, and walks to his bathroom.  He takes his clothes off and gets into the shower.   He turns on the water.
Strider: Ahhhhhh.........a shower is just what I needed!  Now, shampoo......huh?
Strider notices his shampoo is missing, and walks to the bathroom door.
Strider(shouting): Hey!!  Anyone have my shampoo?
Eriya: Got it right here
Strider: I need it!!!
Eriya: Hold your horses!! 
Eriya gets an idea.
Eriya: Coming..................
Sriya creeps towards Striders bathroom door, and forcefully swings it open.
Strider quicly covers himself up with his large hair.
Strider: Get out!!!  Out!! OUT!!!!!
Eriya: Well, I guess all that hair is good for something!!   Heres your shampoo!(tosses it)
Strider: Oh, just go!!!!
Eriya: (laughs) Bye!
Cut to Linaly.  Shes on the phone with Sherry.
Sherry: So lemme get this straight.  Instead of a private "date", you wanna take Strider, Me, Ankei, and of Strider friends?  Are you nuts?  Your passing up a great moment!!
Linaly: Well, yeah, but, I just wanna be friends, you know.  I really like him, im just starting out nice and easy.   He just cool to hang around with, and yeah, I like him enough to get close to him.
Sherry: But that kiss........
Lianly: We were playing a game, Sherry.  Nothing serious!
Sherry: Awwwwwww!!  Come on, you know you enjoyed it!
Linaly: felt nice
Sherry: There ya go!!!
Linaly(shaking her head); Ok, stop it!  Ok, this is the plan, no ifs ands of buts!  Me, you, Strider, Ankei, and anyone else, are going to Alphastar Arcade tonight!  We are going to havce fun as a GROUP! 
Sherry: Ok, fine!  Ill have fun!  Video games! Whoo!
Linaly:  Haha!  ok, met me here at 8.00.  Ill drive.
Cut to Strider, who is in his room with Rion, and they are playing some Street Figher Alpha 3 on his Playstation.
Rion: Tak tak tak tak, HA!  Gotcha!!
Strider: Arrgh! Rematch!!!! Dang   Rolento sucks!!
Rion: Ha!!   Wanna try again! 
Strider: yeah, this time ill beat you!!!!!!
Rion: Heh  you wish!!!
The phone begins to ring.
Strider:I GOT IT!!    *click* Hello?
Linaly: Hi!  Its me! Linaly, whats up?
Strider: *EEP!*
Rion: Whats wrong, blue cat?
Strider: Its her!!!
Rion: Wha.......ohhhhh, you mean Linaly?
Strider: Yeah!!!   Um.....whats up?
Linaly: I juts wanted to follow up on your little offer you mad eme last week, and......I wanna make it a friendly get-together!!
Strider: I dont follow............
Linaly: Well, it will be you, me, Sherry, Ankei, and some you wanna bring!
Strider: Um....ok.  Be right back.........
Linaly:   'kay!
Strider turns to Rion.
Strider: Rion!
Rion: Yeah? Whats the situation?
Strider: She wants to get together tonight.....
Rion: Sweet!  Where are you taking her?!
Strider: Your missing the point, blockhead.  She wants to make this a group thing.  Shes bringing two of her friends, and I guess ill take you along.
Rion:  SA-WEET!!!   Ask her where & what time!
Strider ges back to the phone.
Strider: Um Linaly?  What locatin do you exacly have in mind?
Linaly: The AlphaStar Arcade Complex in Tokyo!!!
At the mere mention of that massive arcade, Strider begins to drool.  The AlphaStar Arcade is gaming paradise.
Rion: Um, Strider?  Your drooling, man.
Strider:  She said were going to the AlphaStar!!!!
Rion: That place kicks ASS!  When?!? When?!?
Strider(blushing again): Um, when?
Lianly: Oh!  Well, its 6:47 now.......hows 7:30 sound?
Strider: ........that would be great(Oh man, I cant believe this is happening).
Linaly: Ok great, meet me at my house at 7:30!!  See ya!
Strider: Um......bye.
Rion: Dude, you are SO getting ahead.
Strider: Oh shutup.  Weve got about an hour.  Well, im drsssed.  You?
Rion: Ill go as I am.  I think I look cool enough!!
Strider: Yeah! heh heh!  When we get there, Im gonna dominate you in every game!!!
Rion: You're on!!!
Strider and Rion high five  each other. A couple of minutes pass, its 7:30.
Strider: Well, lets go!!!
Rion: All right!!
As they are leaving, Eriya stops them.
Eriya: Hey guys........where ya off to.
Strider: Were gonna see some friends.  Lay off.
Eriya: Can I come?
Strider: No.  Bye.
Eriya: Grouchy!!!  Bye!!
Strider and Rion walk over to Linalys house.  They knock on the door.  Linaly awnsers.
Linaly: Hi!  Hey, whos this guy with ya?
Strider: Oh!  His name is Rion.   Were pretty tight!
Linaly: Nice to meet ya!!
Rion: Same here!  (Damn, shes cute.)
Ankei pulls into the driveway, and Sherry is with her.  Lianly loks a bit puzzled.
Lianly: Whats with the car?
Ankei: I thought i'd drive you kids.
Lianly: Kids? Please!!!
Ankei: Ha ha!  Ok, enough hanging around!  Weve got an arcade to tear up!!
Lianly: Yeah. lets go!!
Everyone jumps into the car.  Linaly makes sure she's snugly sitting next to Strider, who is flish with red.  They drive off.

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