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Blue and Pink
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About The CatPeople

Age: 27
Height: 5'11
Weight: 143 lbs.
Eyes: Dark Aqua
Specie: Cat
Location: Kyoto, Japan
Tidbits: He is an anti-social towards the opposite sex, he meos and yowls loudly when he dreams, he had mood swings sometimes, and he is a bit of a show-off.
Strider is sometimes considered a very unlucky soul.  He has a, well, curse on him.  Most girls find him very attractive, but he gets very edgy, sweaty, fearful(you name it), around all girls. Period.  His friends mock him, saying hes a bit of a weirdo considering he loathes the opposite sex.  What makes this even more hellish is the fact he shares a house with four other girls.  They drive him nuts, not only because they are all try their best to get his attention and the fact that they are also cats, they toy with him alot, just to get him a wee bit annoyed.  He works at a Hobby Shop(comics, cards, anime videos, acion figures) in downtown Tokyo.  He took the job because it's in an enviornment he likes, and his partner/boss, Koetsu, is someone he can call one of his best friends.
Foods: He craves Arium Fish, a special kind of fish he eats like crazy. He likes it cooked any way, but he really enjoys it when it is fried.  The girls he lives with make for him whenever they get the chance.  He also like eating any form of candy(imported for the USA also), choclate mils, Strawberries, Blueberries, Pocky(japanese candy), cinnamon muffins, and any type of junk food.  Down worry, he eats veggies also.  he partial to carrots, potatoes, and steamed broccili.
He loves to play video games alot too.  He lives for RPG and Fighting games.  He owns a Super Nintendo, a N64, Virtual Boy, Game Boy Color, Playstation, Sega Saturn, a Dreamcast, and a PS2.  HE loves arcades also.  Every time he goes to the local arcades downtown, he always looks for a Dance Dance Revolution.  He believes its the most fun, and he knows how to freestyle while playing, so he can attract a crowd.  He likes any form of pop culture, likes to sketch around, likes building models, and cartoons of any kind.
He is an only child, and his parents live from the world he came from.  He came to this world to live on Earth because he wanted to live with other kinds of life, and thus far hes enjoying it.  His parents are Proxima(she is colored White and Niji), and his father is Ramsus(Red and White). 

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