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Blue And White Stripes - An Online Anime
Episode 3 - One Second


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Where We last left off, Strider, Linaly, and her 3 friends got into a game of Truth Or Dare.  Ankei, one of Linaly's friends, tries to give this little "kitten love" a little boost, and is about to make Strider give Linaly a peck on the cheek.
Ankei: Ok, Im going first!!
Strider sweats a bit.
Ankei: Ok, Strider, truth or dare?
Strider: Ummmmm......truth
Ankei:(Damn, I almost had him.) Ok, do you read dirty books?
Strider: Hell no!
Linaly giggles lightly.
Sherry: Woah. A guy like you dosnet read that stuff? Weird. My brother reads 'em all the time!
Strider: Thanks for sharing that with us..............
Ankei: Well, your turn Strider!
Strider: Um, ok.
Linaly grabs Strider's arm again.
Linaly: Ask me something!
Strider:All right then.  Truth.......
Linaly: Cool! Ask me something cool!(Please, dont wimp out on me.)
Strider: Ok, do you...
Linaly: Yesssssssss.........
Strider: Ok, this is stupid, but because I hadly ever see girls do this(considering the ones I live with), do you sleep with a nightie?
Strider gets a little surprised, he'd never ask that.
Ankei:(I think we're rubbing off on him a bit.)
Linaly: Well, sometimes..........I also enjoy just sleeping with just underwear and a bra.
Strider gets a dirty thought in his brain, then snaps it out of him, like he does all the time.  Linaly giggles some more, and strokes Strider's arm a bit, just to toy with him a little.
Strider: Welll.......thats nice....I guess....
Linaly: Yeah, its comfy!
Ankei: Ok, enough.  Linaly its your turn!!(I cant wait to see this!)
Linaly: Ok, I choose Strider!!!
Linaly: Ok, truth or dare?
Strider:I guess....dare!
Ankei and Sherry: (Yessssssssssssss!!!!)
Linaly: Ok....I want you to.....give me a little peck on my cheek.....
Strider's hear skips a beat and his eyes bug out.  He is ready to faint(again.....). Rena, finally, says something(she fell asleep).
Rena: Oh man, this is gonna be sweet!
Strider, seriously, is about to.  Linaly inches her cheek toward Striders face.  His eyes are closed, and Linly is grinning a bit.  Closer, closer,closer.
Ankei, Sherry, and Rena: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.......
It happens, Strider's lips touch Linaly's cheek gently.  They stay there 1 second, and then they break apart.  Guess what, he enjoyed it.  Hes a bit mute.  Linaly is has a happy, satisfied look on her face.
Linaly: Mmmmmm....thanks.
Strider: guesss.
Ankei: I cant believe the big lug did it.
Sherry: Me neither
Rena is just staring. Strider adopts a ligt smile. 
Linaly: That was fun!
Strider: Yeah.
Ankei(Mission accomplished!)
Ankei winks at Linaly.
Rena: Ok, enough theatrics, iv had enough of this game, lets play some video games or something.
Linaly: *giggle* ok!
Strider: Video games........wasnt I about to do that first?
Strider, Lianly, Ankei, Rena, and Sherry enjoy a good 6 hours of games and some anime afterwards, they have a snack, and Strider calls it quits, he gets ready to go.
Lianly: Wait!
Strider: Yeah?
Linaly: I just wanted to say....thanks for coming over today.  And...well....sorry if I made you feel know....about the little kiss.......
Strider puts his hand on her shoulder.
Strider: Its ok, i diddnt feel uncomfortable.  It was kind of fun. 
Linaly: Yeah, it was!
They both share a good laugh.
Strider: Well, I gotta go, Ill be seeing you around, I guess.
Linaly: Yeah! See ya!
Strider walks out, and Linaly stands at the door, begins to smile heavily, and her eyes water a bit.
Rena: Linaly? You coming? Were gonna finish this pizza with out you!!! coming.
Strider walks over to his house, and there are the girls.
Girls: Hey there!!
Strider: Hi.
Eriya: So, how was your day, cutie?
Strider: It was.........special.......oh, please dont call me "cutie".
Eriya grins.
Eryai: Ok, whatever!!!
Strider goes to his room, changes into some house clothes, turns on the TV, and watches Outlaw Star for an hour. Linaly pops into his mind.
Strider: Wow, that was one heck of a visit.  I though Id die there, and man, that kiss...........hmmm.  Mabye we should do something together sometime.  Shes kind of cool.  Mabye go to the arcade or get something to eat.
Strider calls Linaly on the phone.
Linaly: Hello?
Strider: Oh, hi. Its me.
Linaly: Hi!  Whats up?
Strider: Oh, stuff.  By the way, I was think and im wondering wanna do something together, mabye get something to eat sometime soon?
Linaly: Yeah!!!
Strider: Oh, great!!  When is sometime good for you?
Lianly: Well, ive gotta go meet my parents all day tomorrow, how about Friday night?
Strider: 7:00 ok?
Linaly: Perfect, cant wait to meet you!
Strider: Same here.  Well, see ya.
Linaly: See ya!! *CLICK*
Strider hangs up the phone.  He has a very relieved look on his face.
Strider: Well, i just invited a girl out.  I hope I dont pop.
End of Episode 3

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