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Blue And White Stripes - An Online Anime
Episode 2 - The Queen Awakens


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Strider has just left his pad, and is now walking down the road, He is having heavy thoughts.
Strider(complentating to himself): I dont get any of this.  All I wanted was to get some treasure and I get stuck with this catgirl, some starnge abilities, and a massive headache(rubs head). This dosent make much sense to me, at all.
Strider arrives at his destination Koru's Outfitter, a place where you can buy food, supplies, equipment and the like.  Strider walks in and the clerk, who knows him pretty well, greets him.
Koru: Hey, HEY!! Strider, whats up?!
Koru: Heh, never heard you say that before, you are always out there in the ruins!
Strider: well.....not lately.....Say, where do you keep your clothes?
Koru: Over there on the left corner, take your pick!
Strider: Will do.
Strider walks over to the clothes, then remebers he has to buy stuff for the catgirl.  He lurches over to the womens clothes, and begins to snicker at the undergarments.
Strider(snickering):...these would look cute on her.....arrrgh!!  Snap out of it!!!! 
Realizing there no time for any erversion, he picks clothes for the catgril.
Strider: Hmmmm.  Ill get 2 robes, a pair of leather shoes, a hair cap(she'd need one, her hair is shaped like mine and im sure she wants to keep it clean), some gloves, panties(snicker, snicker), a..........bra(blushes), a hair bow(its cute), and some shorts(its hot out).  Since he has the extra cash, he buys a bandana a pair of palm gloves, and some sturdy boots.  He carries it all to Koru.
Koru: Wow, nice haul tonight!!  Lets see.......2 robes, a pait of leather shoes(rather small for him. Hmmmmm.) A pair of.............Strider, why the hell are you buying womens underwear?!
Koru: You dont...........ohhhhhhhhhhh....i see........
Strider: Oh shut your trap!!! Its not that!
Koru: So the wee little perv got a girl. About time....
Strider: Im warning you Koru.  Its not what you think.
Koru: Ok ok, say what you want!  Well, that all of it!  79 credits, please!
Strider pays, and storms out while Koru is having a good laugh.  Strider thumps home, and calms down at the sight of the catgirl sleeping in his bed.  Now he bluses and trembels at the fact that he has to dress her.
Strider:........I cant believe im about to do this........
Strider takes off the blanket, gets another glimpse, and blushes some more.  He takes the underwear, and begins to slip it up her legs,  His other hans slips off her leg, and his palm is touching you-know-where.
Strider: Uhhh........oops.
Strider, biting his lip, puts on the underwear, and lets out a sigh of relief, which is rather shorl-lived, because he still has to put on the bra. 
Strider: Well, time for the bra......
Strider, while turning over the catgirl to put the bra on, accidentaly gets a little fistfull of her chest. He trembles uncontrollably. 
Strider: MMMPPHH!! I cant believe i did that.............
Strider clips the bra on and turns her over.  Now he gets the one of the robes.
Strider: Finally, no more undergarments, I dont think my heart could take it.
Strider sits the catgirl up and while he gets ready to put the robe on, she falls onto Strider' shoulder.  He blushes even more.
Strider lifts her up, slips on the robe, now he rather hastily puts some pants on her.  Now for the shoes.  Strider grasps her foot, and gets a little sensitive inside.
Strider:  So soft...........
Strider puts the shoes on with a smile on his face.  Shes is now completely dressed, but still sleeping.  Strider is rather tired himself.
Strider: *Yawn* I shpld get some sleep.  Wait, shes sleeping there....Ah, crap.  Well, ill just sleep on the chair, I guess.
Looks like that spark of affection overcame the pervert inside.  He sits at the table, puts his head down, purrs a bit, and falls asleep. 
Strider: purrr...snore...purr...snore.....
Meanwhile, something very, very weird begins to happen.  The eyes on the catgirl, begin to light up.  She begins to levitate in the air, and she begins to shine light.  She sits up in the air, and looks at Strider with her mouth open a bit.   She says something very faintly.
She begins to set down on the floor. She now slowly walks to Strider, who is still has his face buried in his arms, still purring and snoring lightly.  The catgirl begins to shine light around her body even brighter. She puts her hand out and touches Strider's head, and rubs it a bit.  Strider begins to wake up, turns around and sees the catgirl.  He is in complete shock.  He falls out of the chair.
Strider: AAAAGGGHHH!!! Wha...what is happening?! 
She becomes exausted and faints into Striders arms.  He still cant comprehend with wahst going on.
Strider: My gosh....was that a dream?!  Im putting her back in to bed. 
While Strider lays her in bed, she wakes up again, and strokes Strider's face a bit. She begins to talk.
Catgirl:  Its...its you....
Strider: who?
Catgirl: You...youre the finally found me....
Strider: I dont understand................
The catgirl gets out of the bed
Catgirl: Ok, this will be a lot of information for you to absorb, so listen closely.
You are the ressurected king of Elgenia, the world of our people.  You were sent rocketed to this planet by body, but not in mind.
Strider cuts her off.
Strider: Wait, what do you mean "rocketed"? I had parents.......diddnt I?
Catgirl: No, you diddnt.  When Darkness took over, we could not beat him. 
Strider cuts her of again.
Strider: Wait, who is "we" and who is Darkness?!
Catgirl: Darkness is an entity of despair.  He took over Eglenia 600 years agom and he has plunged our world into a blackness we cannot get rid of.  600 years ago, you were King before Darkness defeated you.  Your body was healed, but your mind was corrupted.  We sent your body here, where our ruins are.  You gained life 31 years ago, to be exact.  You are King, you just dont know it!  And to protect my life, I was also sent here, but I was preserved in the ruins you found me in.  We both tried to keep Darkness out of Eglenia, but we failed.  But since then, both of us have long evolved.  We are supposed to defeat Darkness, and resotre Eglenia to what it was once before.
Strider: So, like the ruin said to me when I released you, Im King and
Catgirl: Yes, I am your queen.
Strider: Oh....My
Strider is in shock.  He is staring right at his own wife.  He cant believe what hes hearing.  The catgirl adopts a light smile.
Catgirl: Call me Linaly.
Strider: o....k.
Linaly: Well, do you believe?
Strider: Im sorry, I just dont know what to believe.  This is happenin all so fast.  I..I need to think.
Linaly: But you must understand!  Mabye you cant accept your fate, but its the truth!!!!!
Strider: Look, Im not saying this is all a bunch of crap!!  Im saying, this is so, so outrageous and amazing, its hard to believe.
Linaly dons a depressed face.
Strider: Oh, no. Im....Im sorry, I diddnt mean to hurt your fellings.
Linaly: Its...(sniff)..its ok.  I dont blame you for being confused.  Just please say you'll aceept your fate!!!!
Strider: I still need time to think. Please understand.
Linaly: ok.....tell me in the morning, please.
Strider: I will, I promise.  Now, you should get some rest.  Please try and sleep.  This has been a hectic night for us.
Linaly gets under Strider's blanket. 
Linaly: Arent you geting in bed?
Strider becomes a little reactive to that question.
Strider: I shouldnt, really.  I barely know you....
Linaly: Theres nothing wrong. We used to sleep in the same bed all the time. Come on.  I havent seen you for years upon years.
Strider: Well......ok. 
Strider climbs into the bed, a bit shaky.  Linaly puts her arm on his chest and her head on his shoulder.
Linaly: I missed you, my King.
Strider: ...............
Strider is rather speechless.  Linaly gives Strider a light peck on his cheek, and falls asleep on his shoulder.  Strider, oddly enough, isint blushing, she smiling lightly.  He puts his head on his pillow, and falls asleep.

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