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YES.  Guess whos gonna be 16 tomorrow?  Me!!  Now to lay back, stretch out, and take a birthday nap!  Zzzzzzzzzz..........

*Pssssst* This is Strider.  While Yeashu takes a nap, im gonna spruce up the site a bit, so stay tight!  When he wakes up, hes gonna get his yearly birthday punches, so wish him luck! 


Wow!  I cant believe it.  Im using my compter!  To be honest, ive been away for a long time, mainly due to the giant building in town I like to call high school.  Its hard, but ill get by!  Ive made a TON of new friends in the last few monts in school, and theyre all great.  Best of all, some of em like furries, just like me!  Iv eben sketching a bit to, but nothing special.  Ill catch on soon.  And Christmas was GREAT.  I diddnt get much stuff, but it dosent matter, its all baoutbeing with your family and friends.  Im still scribbling in my notebooks(making overhauls to Blue and Pink, which is SO fun to write), so ill put up some more content as soon as I get the chance.  Until next time, see ya!


Im very, VERY happy.  My best friend Victorie i coming to visit tomorrow, she has omochas for me, and I just found out this site has 1000 hits!!!  I cant believe it!!!  Well Im working on more eps, and redoing the About Me(I said to much about myself ^_^).  Well, Thanks everyone, and C ya!!


Schoo..............ugh........Its mega tiring!  I added a but of a Preface to the site, so check it out!  Im was a bit emotional last night, after hearing very shocking news about a close and special friend. Im feeling a bit better now.  I had to reformat my PC, and all of the stuff I have is gone. Doh.  Ive been sketching a bit, and checking out other artists( has a lot of awesome ones, like Beruleon.).  Well, se ya!


Yes, its been a LARGE while, but im back on the site!!  School has started agin, and now I have a job(Damn!).  Oh well.  Therres a new eppy of Blue and Punk up, so check it out!  C-ya next time!


Its been a while, hasnt it?  Im back, finally.  As you can see, there have been zero updates, because I hit such a writing slump, I almost lost interest.  Well im back now!! Yay!  School has started, and im enjoying it a lot1  Well, back to the books, and some much needed writing.  Oh, you can catch a ;little secret ive kept abitu my fur the the About Me page, and a new pic done by April!   C-ya!


Finally. Its finally here!!  SUMMER HAS FINALLY ARRIVED!! Ya-hoo!  Im out of school!!  Nothing to do but play, eat, write, sketch, head down to the arcade, and just RELAX.  Phew!  And I got a "job" at!   Thsi is gonna be a great summer!!!  Theres a new eppy of Eternal Radiance up, so check it out!  I gotta go, got things to do!  C-YA!!


Ahh, nothing much. Changed some stuff around a bit.  Im beginning to gt the hang of drwing now, and its a lot of fun!!  Till next time!!


My modem has been down since the 3rd of June *grrrrrrr*.  Well its back up, and as promised, a new eppy of Blue and Pink is up!


Finally, I found time for my PC.   Another episode of Blue and Pink will be up tomorrow as soon as I revise it.  And Hamtaro rules.  Heh heh.  Strider sends his regrads to all who read!  C-YA!


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