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Blue And White Stripes - An Online Anime
Episode 6 - Press Start


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Everyone is in Ankei's car, riding with anticipation, going out as a group, ready to have some fun.  Freindly fun, prefably how Strider hopes it is.
Linaly is too busy leaning on Striders arm, and Strider is a bit miffed.  Rion is totally oblivious to his dilemma, and just keeps on yakking.
Rion: YO! What are you gonna play first, Strider?
Sherry is getting a bit annoyed with Rion, who she had been getting sweet talked by Rion.  Everyone quiets down, and they finally arrive in central Kyoto.  The massive 6 story arcade is in the distance.
Rion: There it is!!  There it is!!!!! THERE IT IS!!!
Everyone: SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!
Rion humbles down, and Ankei parks.  Everyone jumps our, Rion shoves his way out, and the begin to walk.  linaly clenches Striders arm.
Strider(thinking):(Why dosent she just let go?!)
Linaly: Are ya gonna play with me?  Well have fun!
Strider: Uhhhh, yeah.....sure.....
They all walk in, and Rion begins to well up at the massive game space.  He goes insane.
Rion grabs Striders shirt collar and begins to drag him into the arcade.
Linaly: Damn! I had him!  Looks like ill have to steal him.........
Sherry: Cmon Lin-Lin, lets go play some games whyle the boys have some fun. Dont worry, Theyll show up.
Linaly: Oh, okay....
Linaly, a bit depressed, joins up with Sheery and Ankei, and they go into the gaming wilderness.
Cut to Strider and Rion, who are getting game money put on their arcade cards, and the cashier is a rather attractive female human.
Strider: Hi. Id like 1000 yen put on my card.
Cashier: No problem.  *rings up* Here ya go!  Enjoy yourself tonight!!
Strider: Will do.
Rion begins to grin slyly.
Rion: Heyyyy, you wanna go pla y somes "games" with me? *winks*
Cashier: Pervert!!!!
The cashier slaps Rion, and Rion stumbles back.  The Cashier sticks her tounge out, and helps out other cusomers.
Strider(laughing): Oh, that was REAL smooth!!!  HAHA!
Rion: Oh Shut your mouth!  She just playing hard to get.  She wants me.
Strider: Thatll be the day!  Come on, lets play some Tekken 4 or something.
The two best friends walk off, and begin to play games.  One floor below, the 3 girls are in a karaoke bar.  Sherry is singing.
Ankei: I always knew she had a terrible voice. *covers her ears*
Linaly: Ahh! Make her stop!
The audience cringes.
The announcer hastily makes it to the stage.
Announcer: Um........Lets give Shery a hand.
Everyone reluctantly claps.
Sherry: Thank you! Thank yo........Ow!  Hey!! Dont push me off the stage!  Stop it!  OW!!!!
Ankei begins to talk to "Lin-lin"(Linaly's nickname).
Ankei: So lin-lin, you gonna try to get alone with you know who?
"Lin-lin" blushes.
Linaly: Well....Ill give it A shot.
Ankei: Good luck. As long as hes with that loudmouth he calls his best friend he isint going anywhere alone with you.
Linaly: Then ill get rid of Rion somehow.......
Lin-lin adops a sly face.
Ankei: Oh no....not that look again.........
To be continued.

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