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Blue And White Stripes - An Online Anime


Blue and Pink
Starry Nights
Eternal Radiance
About Me
About The CatPeople

This may sound weird, but Strider is my best friend in a weird way.  While others call him imaginary(hes like a manifestation of my mind), I call him a reality.  Only I can see him, only I can hear him.  I remember him being in my life for as long as I can remember, and thats way far back.  If you've read all the saga intros, you already know, hes got a lot of egos.  I try to illustrate him in the coolest way possible because, well, he is interesting to write about.  I find using the same person, but giving him or her different personalites and different setting makes a character more interesting.  Sometimes, I imagine myself as Strider, with all that speed, attitude, and cool hair.
Linaly is a girl that does not exist, a pure figment of my imagination, but im in love with her.  I potray her as the girl I want to meet in the future and spend my life with.  Charming, kind, loving, caring, and, well, cute.She doesnt like Strider for what he looks like, but for who he really is under his skin.  I try to get Strider and Linaly together because in Saga 1, Strider is just like me.  Like me, he dosent have that much interest in girls, hes extremely shy, goes crazy around pretty girls, and thinks to himself about why he is this way.  Linaly meeting Strider is like me meeting the girl I long to meet someday.  Shes out there, somewhere. All I have to do is find her.
The Premise Behind CatPeople(Why you will see tons of cat like stuff here)-
The reason why I chose catpeople over humans or other kinds of animals is because I like cats, alot.  I find them graceful in their own way.  Speed, intelligence, and sleek fur is why I like cats. When I picture catpeople in my head, anime style(all the saga's are anime in my head), they spark interest and excitement in my head. When catpeople are crossed with anime, I see tons of characters.  A catperson goes well with Strider's personality in Starship Love, plus, a catperson also goes well with Strider's personality in Eternam Radiance.  Strider is a girl-phobiac Blue and Pink because I picture myself as Strider in that saga, and I write Blue and Pink as a way to introduce myself to the girl I long to meet.  Besides, catpeople in anime are extremely cool.

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