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Blue And White Stripes - An Online Anime
Episode 3 - Away We Go


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Linaly, the newly ressurected queen, is lying in bed. Alone.  Strider, the fabled king, is outside, leaning on a wall.  His head is drooping, and a shadow is on his face.  He keeps asking himself the same question, over and over, thinking he may never find an awnser.
Strider: Who am I, what am I, where am I from, and why am I here?
Hes so confsed, its making him upset. Koru walks by.
Koru: Tum te tum tum...Oh! Hey there Strider!  Your out late!  Whats up?
No awnser.  Strider is absolutely still, is face frozen and dark, his large hair lightly swinging in the breeze. 
Koru: Well, then!  I guess youre not up to talking!  See ya!!
Koru runs off.
Strider: You have no idea.  Hmmph. I might as well get some sleep.
Strider walks in and looks at Linaly, and gets emotional.  He knows this is for real, its just happeng so fast and he cant believe this.  He gets back in bed.  Linaly wakes up.
Linaly: You look disturbed?
Strider: Linaly: Im sorry im saying this.  But I dont know whats going on or what to do.  Its starting to toy with my head. 
Strider: No. Dont say anything, and dont get upset.  Just give me time to think.  Ill speak with you in the morning.  Good night.
Strider falls fast asleep.  Lianly is looking at her husband, distraughtly.
Linaly: Well, if he cant understand, ill have to show him.........
Linaly closes her eyes and begins to glow.  She takes her finger and lightly puts it on Striders forehead.  Strider enters a void.
Strider: gasp!  Wah.....what?  What the hell is this?!
Linaly: Look, look at your world......see what it has become......
A white light shines.
No more light.  Strider is floating in the air.  The sky is black and purple, and there is lightning striking all over the horizon.  The wind is cold, and the air is heavy.  There are stone columns and buildings cumbled on the ground, and Engels laying on the ground, with their eyes solid black, not moving at all.
Strider is tremebling in fear.  He knows this is for real.
Linaly: Its been like this for eons..............and yet, it detoriates day after day.
Strider notices a steep, pointed cryptic palace on to a pointed hill. There is a thick, black and purple hue surrounding it.
Linaly: We used to live there, that is,
Strider: Wha.....whats.."it"?
Linaly: Darkness. Pure, simple darkness.
Strider:, Linaly, how?
Lianly: It just came from the sky, and just..........took our whole world swiftly.  Like an uncontrollable plauge.  We tried to fight it, but it was a pointless fight, we lost even before we began.  Even our strongest knights were oblitirated like the rest of our kind.
Strider begins to grit is teeth ans his eyes become evil. His entire body is seething with anger, but at the same time, sorrow.
Strider: This cant be real!!  Bring me back!!  Make it Stop!!!!!! MAKE IT STOP!!!!!!!
Linaly slowly begins to lose her light, and Strider wakes up sweating.  Strider looks at Linaly witha  distant stare.
Strider: Im..........sorry I didnt believe you...............I.......I.....though it was too horrid to be true.
Linaly: Never try to find a boundry between real and fake, unless you know for sure.
Strider: Ill remember that.
Strider gets out of bed, and puts on his clothes, while Linaly is staring into space.  Strider throws some travelers clothing at Linaly head.  She shrugs it off, and notices Stider is preparing for something.....something big
Linaly:  Wha........what are you doing?
Strider: What are you waiting for? C'mon! We've got a world to save!!
Liany's spirit rises to the sky.  He eyes light up, and her distraugt feeling about the future of bother of them become light and positive.  She did not jump for joy and cheer out of sheer happiness, for she only lightly smiled.

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