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Blue And White Stripes - The Online Anime
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You've got questions, Ive got awnsers.

Where do you get your ideas?

My ideas just pop into my head, I guess!

What is your inspiration?

Mostly japanese anime. Watching it fuels me up inside, and helps me relax and think.

Why do you use catpeople?

I know this sounds weird, me being a boy and all, but I prefer cats. If you ask me, cats are powerful in their own way. Speed, cunning, and intelligence.

Why do you lean toward love in you sagas?

Love, well, I kind of like writing about. Most of the love material is stuff ive dreamed about, or stuff ive really encountered(like Strider in Blue and Pink, I get real edgy around girls).

Do you dream alot?

Oh yeah, a WHOLE lot! Dreams is where most of this stuff comes from. Dreming takes you places you really cant visit in real life. All you need is your imagination.

Why do you like anime so much?

I really dont know. I just love watching it because the art and stories keep me coming back for more(DBZ addicts, you know what im getting at).

What was your first encounter with anime?

I remember it exactly. It was a saturday morning, and I was 7 years old. I was channel surfing(like I do every saturday) and BING!, I came across Sailor Moon(i swear, of all series......), and I loved it. Not because it was funny and action filled, the quest is what made me watch it every day. I had tapes, entire boxed sets, toys, the whole shmear. Even though I dont watch it anymore(thanks, Outlaw Star), I still keep the tapes, because if it wasnt for Sailor Moon, I probably wouldnt like Anime in the first place.

Do you draw anime or manga?

Right now, its nothing special. I used to doodle DragonBall Z chars when I was in 6th grade, and now im trying to draw my own characters. Its hard,and I know its gonna be probably be years before I can draw the my charsters the way I visualize them in my head(I do that, i just picture art of my characters), but when I succed, it will be worth the wait.

Have you dreamt about Linaly?

Oh yes, I have. Many, many, many times. She is the girl I long to meet and spend my life with.

Have you ever had a wet dream about Linaly........


Are you a serious gamer?

I play more video games than anyone, trust me. I own 11 systems, over 200 games, have 3 subscriptions to gaming magazines, and have had about 9 or 10 gaming marathons through my life. Try and top THAT!

I know console gaming is cool, but do you play game son the venerable PC?

You bet. I play PC games alor also. I crave Counter Strike, Quake 3 Arena, Half Life, Team Fortress Classic, Return To Castle Wolfenstein, and Unreal Tournament.

You like watching movies?

Hell yes. I mostly enjoy sci-fi(mostly "escape from the doomed spaceship kind of stuff), medieval movies, WWII movies, anime movies, and comedy. My favorites are K-PAX, The Matrix, Lord Of The Rings, Gattica, Star Wars Trilogy, Event Horizon, Alien, Aliens, Alien Ressurection, The Patriot, Amistad, Nihao my Concubine(Ranma 1/2 movie) The Tree Of Might(DragonBall Z movie), and Jurassic Park. I still have yet to see Akira, I heard its great!!

Do you enjoy school?

Thats hard to awnser. Yeah, I really like my current school, its just that even though I know I have to do it, homework just isint my cup o' tea. Other than that, school is cool with me.

Are you a daytime person or night owl?

A night owl. Ive always thought I have more fun at night.

What PC are you using?

A Dell Dimension 8100 1.5 GHz. Real nice PC.

You like girls?

Yeah, I like some girls, but like I said, I get edgy around them.

Do you sometimes take you and your characters, and imagine yourself meeting other characters?

Yep, thats one of my favorite things to do. I do it alot with anime characters, mostly Gene Starwind from Outlaw Star(like I said before, FUTURISTIC BOUNTY HUNTERS AN TREASUE HUNTERS FOREVER!!!!), Aisha Clan-Clan from Outlaw Star(catpeople forever!!!!!) art characters like Chalosan's Grace(shes just like Linaly to me), Eric Swartchz's Sabrina(shes very, VERY cool), and Chrono Trigger's Crono(yes, video games also). I alsi tend to put my chars, in VIDEO GAMES(i know, of all things.....) Hell, I put Strider as a character in Final Fantasy VII(rivals Dragon Warrior VII as the best PSX game to date)!!! I do that alot!!

Whos this Chalosan guy you keep talking about?

Only the best(and I mean BEST) artist on the web, the coolest person to talk to(oh! Strider, diddnt see you there...heh please...put the sword down.......uhhhh, YOURE THE COOLEST!!!!!), he isint afraid to say he likes Pokemon(like me), and he likes alot of anime. His art really touched a good vibe in me, and it will do the same for you. Check out and you'll see why I think he is so cool.

Do you fight others with your fists?

Never. I hate it. Fighting like that only makes the situation worse. I talk my way out of conflict, and it always works(or psyche out the enemy by doing something weird). Hey, it may not be the most popular way to solve a conflict, but it sure beats getting bashed in the face.  Just talking my way out of it(with a real smart ass attitude) is the way to go.  "Go ahead, hit me, I dare ya."

If you werent human, what would you be?

A catboy, what else?

Ok, other than a catboy, what else?

Mabye a fox. They are so powerful. Girls would like me.(shudder....)

Ok, OTHER THAN ANYTHING ANIMAL REALTED, YEASHU, what would you be? Seriously.

Ok, ok. This may sound stupid, but id be a cloud. They are the luckiest things ever. They get to drift freely in the sky, without a worry in the world. But the best thing of all, I would really want be electricity.  Pure power at heart, incredible speed, and its the source of all our digital needs(im a DigiPerson at heart), and its so darn cool.  Besides, electricity represents me best.

I heard that you are also a catboy(Eglenain) in self image. What do you look like?

I have blue and white stripes like Strider, but unlike Strider's stripes, mine are shorter and arent zig-zaggy like bolts of lightning(which he is so proud of).  Im a foot shorter than Strider, and my hair has streaks of blue going through it, unlike Strider's hair, which is almost platnium colored(which he is also proud of...), and there is a streak of blue going down right in the middle of my large puffy tail, unlike Striders tail, which has blue stripes all through his puffy tail(ok, Strider. Quit snickering.).

Do you wish sometimes you would actually co-exist with the characters you look at from anime and others art?
Oh, you bet.  Actually seeing myself with these characters would make me absolutely estatic.  Crono from Chrono Trigger, i wanna meet him(ive met him in dreams), Cloud, Barret, Tifa, and Aeris from Final Fantasy VII(same thing in dreams, Outlaw Star's Gene Starwind(hes is just do damn cool), Zoids' Bit Cloud(that Lieger Zero Zoid wants me to pilot it...), Tenchi Masaki's villa in Japan(Ryoko is my favorite Tenchi character).  Strider(laughing out loud), shut up, I can dream whatever I want. 

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