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Blue And White Stripes - The Online Anime


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Saga 3 - Eternal Radiance

In saga 3, Strider is a treasure hunter and explorer who lives on a planet named, Oktuvos. A planet inhabited by various species of intelligent life, but about 67% of its inhabitants are human because the planet was discovered by human explorers.  Oktuvos is a planet that is known for its mass amount of ruins because aincent civilizations of other planets used this planet to put their mark on the universe.  The Earthen Federation thought of sending excavation parties owned by the government, but due to demand, the planet was open to civilian excavation. 
Strider is the only catperson on the entire planet, his mother and father's place of origin before coming to Oktuvos is unknown, and nobody has ever soon any type of being that looks like Strider, almost like he is the survivor of an ancient civilization, but nothing is proven.  Strider is considered the most adventurous soul on the entire planet, always looking for an edvebture, no matter how much trouble he gets into.  He spends all day in the ruins, and often comes out with valuables, which sometimes he keeps or sells.  He tries his best to follow in his fathers footsteps because he was the greatese explorer ever to grace Oktuvos.  After he died, Strider promised himself hed be as brave as his bather and follow in his footsteps.  While Strider searches for relics, he also searches the reason for why is he the only catperson anyone has ever seen?  Even other planets havent seen his kind.  Our story begins when Strider wanders into a pair of ruins south of the settlement he is somewhat drawn to.........

Episode 1-

Destiny Meet

An empty desert. A ruin in it midst. A figure makes it way across it. Hair like a razorblade, swaying in the breeze. Blue stripes going around his body and face, like sharp, dark icicles. This figure is Strider.

Strider: Well I guess this is the place. I hope their is a way in.

Strider is going to search a pair of ruins he starngely enough, he was drawn to. He felt its "signal" and went toward it.

Strider: Ah, Good! Theres a hole in the wall. Kinda small, but I can probaby fit.

Strider shoves himself through the tiny hole and falls to the ground.

Strider: Ka-THUMP! Ow! I fell on something sharp! What is it? Oooooo...a rock shard of some sort. Nice design! Mabye I can fetch a pretty penny with this.

Strider puts the rock fragment in his bag, lit a lantern, and continues down a hallway. He notices stuff thats beginning to bother him.

Strider: Hey, why do all these carvings and little sculptures look a wee bit like me? The hair is almost identical! Im beginning not to like it here....mabye I should leave.

Strider then falls through some failing rock on the floor, and falls deeper into the ruin.

Strider: DAMN! Oh great! Dont I have all the darn luck! Hmmph! Now how am I gonna get our of this pla......what the hell is that glowing?

Strider sees glowing light coming from a far room and he starts to run toward it. Once he enters the room, he cant believe his eyes.

Strider: Oh my gosh...Is this real?

In the middle of the room, there is a column with weird characters and a glowing capsule. Inside the capsule, there is a pink and white striped catgirl who looks almost like Strider. She is floating with her eyes closed, and she has no clothes on. What is this. It looks like that girl has been there for hundreds of years.

As Strider approaches the capsule with the catgirl, the coulmn woth the strange lettering begins to glow and pulsate. Then when Strider looks straight at it, a beam of light strikes his forehead. He gets knocked to the ground. That light seemed to be a burst of knowledge, because now he can read the strange letters.

Strider: What was that beam? That hurt like hell! And...hey, I..I recongize the column...

Strider begins to read the column.

Strider: "The one who enters the catacombs of his protected queen, is the chosen King, ressurected in body. The Ressurected King is the one to release his queen from her sleep, by putting his hand on the Sacred Diamond, and defeat Darkness together." What does that all mean?!

Strider is confused beyond belief, and he is beginning to have second thought about coming here. Unfortunately, the only thing on Strider's mind is treasure, so he sees a grren diamond at the foot of the capsule where the catgirl is. He goes to the capsule.

Strider: Mabye I can fetch some good money for this diamond. Hmm, pretty girl in there. Her body is pretty nice! I best leave her here. Now for that diamond!

Strider has a anticipated look on his face. He clenched the diamond, but it dosent budge. Then something special happens. A bright light begins to shine from the diamond.


With one final, bright shine, the diamond fades, the capsule opens, and the catgirl encased inside falls on Strider.

Strider: Hoo boy, im in trouble now.........

Strider sets her on the ground, and takes a look.

Strider: What did I do, all I did was touch that diamond. Oh man, and that column said that some king was supposed to do that! Im not a king, im just some treasure hunter that dosent even make that much money! What do I do?! What do I do?!

Strider is sweating like mad. Not because there is a naked catgirl in front of him, but because he has absolutely no idea whats going on and what to do about it. The catgirl is uncouncious.

Strider: Well, theres no sense in leaving her here. I might as well take her out of here. She can stay at my place until she comes to, I guess.

Strider takes up the catgirl into his arms, and begins to blush.

Strider:......I know I can be a pervert at times, but this is a little too ridicouls, even for me.

Strider comes back to the hole he fell through. HEs a bit discourages.

Strider: Hmmph. That the only way up and out. How will I get there? Mabye if I jump....

Strider knows he cant jump that high, but he gives it a shot anyway. To his utter amazement, he jumps higher that he has ever before, and knocks his head on the next floor's celing.

Strider: Ow! How did I do that? Weird...

Strider feels powerful all over his body.

Strider: Finally, theres an exit.

Strider walks outside and ponders to himself.

Strider: At least it dark out, nobody will see me with this girl. Better get moving before it gets real dark.

Right when Strider is about to start running, he does an extremly fast sprint across the desert, running faster than a bullet.  He comes to a sudden stop, freezes, and seen a straight line of dust trail.  He cant believe what he just did.

Strider: How the hell did I do that?!?!?!

Strider makes it back to the settlement, and speeds towards his pad. Its pretty big.

Strider: Phew, nobody saw me. Now what should I do with this girl(damn she looks good....)? Well, I cant have her running around naked, id better get some clothes on her.

Strider goes to his closet and pulls out one of his traveling outfits.

Strider: Hope she dosent mind that they are not clean, theyve got tons of dirt all over them.

Strider walks over to the catgirl. She is laying on Strider's bed. Strider is turning red all over his face. He really doesnt want to dress a naked girl.

Strider:....Great...just great. Im a pervert every day and today just isint of those days..........I think the underpants are a bit to big for her, but she has to wear something under the pants, or they'll itch and chafe. Mabye that clothing store is still open.

Strider puts the catgirl under his covers on the bed.

Strider: Her skin and fur is so soft.....goodnight. I dont know who you are, I just hope you wake up soon. Theres a lot I need to know.

Strider shuts the light off, and walks out the door.

End Of Episode 1

Music: Chrono Trigger - Chrono's Theme